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Author Topic: Greetings newcomers!  (Read 16604 times)

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Greetings newcomers!
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:35:43 PM »

Greetings newcomers!

I’m going to assume you just stumbled onto this community without really knowing anything about us.  Well, welcome to our 14+ year-old corner of the Internet (est. 2003). 

What we are is simply a community of people, who currently enjoy a web forum on this very website and other services like our Discord server.  Generally, we all have an appreciation (or affinity) for dragons in some way, but topics of discussion are as varied as are those who partake in them!  We are not strictly a dragonkin or otherkin site, and anyone’s welcome, but the majority of our members do identify with dragons in some way.  Spiritual and supernatural topics are welcome, but so is any legal topic ranging from religion, politics, current events, personal affairs, or just general hanging-out-with-friends topics. 

We make sure all of our members are safe, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to protect anyone from hurt feelings.  Conversations are allowed to get heated, and arguments often deliberately go unmoderated.  However, we will draw the line and act swiftly if there is any harassment, bullying, or illegal activity, as these often result in more than just hurt feelings. 

That being said, you’re invited to join us and give your own perspective to our conversations and events, just watch, and/or make some new friends!  You’re welcome here!
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