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Author Topic: Freedom To Speak, Freedom To Be  (Read 10917 times)

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Freedom To Speak, Freedom To Be
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:07:15 AM »

This is just a kind of reminder of the fact we are very open here about promoting freedom.  To this end, we do not lock threads for getting off topic, or heated, nor do we delete them.  Every member has the option to delete their own posts, if they so wish, even if they are a topic starter, but we do not censor other members by removing their post content or stopping them from having their say.

We also do not lock or remove topics just because they have come to a natural end nor because the original question has been answered - threads come to natural conclusions and will stop getting posts of their own accord.  If a thread has been answered and then goes off topic we will split the thread so the new topic(s) can continue elsewhere.

If a thread becomes heated, it will either be wholly moved to the "Heated" section of the forums, or it will be split to keep the cooled part of the thread where it started but move the aggravated section into "Heated".  We do not lock threads just because people get hot under the collar - everyone has the right and freedom to speak their mind here and we try to ensure that no one person has the kind of power to stop members from speaking their mind.  Same thing goes for anything that goes off topic - we will split the thread in two (or more).

If you start a thread and don't like the replies you get, use your free will to just step away and not go back to the thread again.  Or even try to see why you didn't like the replies that you get and maybe learn from them.

If someone has been abusive or crossed legal boundaries then report that post to the staff (there is a report button on every post on the site), regardless of if you started the thread or not.  The same goes for abusive PM's or in the shoutbox - PM one of the staff, or even all of the staff, to tell us.

If legal boundaries are crossed anywhere on the site then we will step in and take necessary action in the thread/shoutbox/etc and against the person causing the legal issues.  The same goes for anyone who abuses the technology.

On a similar note of forum censorship, it has come to our attention that several blog owners have been editing and deleting other people's posts.  We, the staff, are honestly stunned to see that members are abusing their blog moderator status in such a way - you cannot edit someone else's words, you have no right to do that!  The staff on this site make it very clear that we will not edit anyone's posts unless they cross legal boundaries or are abusing the technology (ie: spam, etc), yet certain members seem to feel they are above this ethic and take it on themselves to change someone else's posts.  This is not acceptable behaviour and we will be tackling this separately.

There are going to be a few minor changes soon to stop this kind of abuse from occurring.

So, there you have it.  Just a helpful reminder that we do not use censorship because I think a few people seem to have forgotten that.
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